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Bonzai All Stars @ Laundry Day 2015

Bonzai All Stars will be performing once again at this years Laundry Day 2015. The soap continues as they say it on their website with the legendary Laundry Day that originally started in the city centre of Antwerp. Get ready to be blasted away with a pumping retro set. Be ready for the annual wash-up for fashion freak, beat addicts and the world’s finest DJ’s.

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Bonzai All Stars @ Beach Volley Deluxe 2015

Bonzai All Stars will be playing at Beach Volley Deluxe in Baal, part of Strandfeestje 2015 which promises to be one hell of a party. They’ll be performing between 01:30 and 02:30 with a blistering retro set that will make it a true beach party! Line up: DJ Gregge, Double Pleasure, Partyshakerz XL, Bonzai All Stars & DJ Wout.

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Bonzai All Stars @ Mojitoday 2015

Bonzai All Stars will be performing at Mojitoday 2015. They’ll be bringing you a full on retro set between 23:00 and 00:00 hours. Line up: Cuzino, Sven Ornelis, Dave Lambert, Dj Tom V, Robert Abigail, Aaron & Nibat featuring Jamilla, Dimitri Wouters, Dimaro, X-Tof, Bonzai All Stars, Yves Deruyter & Dj F.R.A.N.K.

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Bonzai All Stars Shout-Out for Berlin Summer Rave 6

Bonzai All Stars, Franky JonesBountyhunter, Franky Kloeck (Cherrymoon Trax), Yves Deruyter, DJ Ghost will all be playing the Bonzai stage at Berlin Summer Rave 6 on 13 June 2015! Here is Bonzai All Stars’ Shout-Out Video for your viewing pleasure.  Tickets are available via the website of the organisation here.

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Bonzai All Stars @ Tomorrowland 2015

For the 5th time we will be hosting a Bonzai Stage during the most prestigious festival of the moment: Tomorrowland. We have been involved with Tomorrowland since its early days. Tomorrowland continuous to spread the love of music on a global scale with their colourful magic. This year we wanted to surprise you all with a special line up that will blend new & old music together on 1 dance-floor! We will host a stage on Saturday 25th of July, 2015 and these are your entertainers in alphabetical order: Bonzai All Stars, Bountyhunter, DJ Ghost, DJ Phi Phi, Franky Kloeck, Furax, Gai Barone, Jan Vervloet, Manu Riga & Matt Holliday, Nico Parisi, Relaunch and Yves Deruyter. Join the madness, come see us on our Bonzai Stage.

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